Veterans Incarcerated

The Vietnam veterans of America is the only Veterans Service Organization that works with Veterans who are Incarcerated and allows then to become chapter members. Chapter 1091 has a group let by Bob Gilmore (group consists of Bob Gilmore, Nelson Kelly, Jack Hyle ) who regurarly visits the Veterans at Eastern Correctional Institute at Westover, MD. The visits are a great morale booster for the Vets and for our members as well. Even though they are incarcerated they are still entitled to VA benefits. We have picked up a number of Veterans as members of our Chapter and a few as AVVA members.

The Veterans have two Veterans groups (East Wing and West Wing of ECI) who meet weekly to discuss veterans issues,they even have their own Newsletter they print up bi-monthly. I have inckuded a link to it below. Some of them are also involved with the American VetDogs program to help train Service Dogs, this program is headed by Lt. P.J. Stephenson an officer at ECI. It is a program well worth supporting and our Chapter will be donating to them (American VetDogs is not supported by Federal, State or Local Government agencies and can use donations and grants.) More on this later.